The start of Mike Tyson’s Journey through Vvardenfell

disclaimer: Mike Tyson please do not personally come to my house and KO me, this is all in jest

As Mike Tyson woke up one morning, he found himself groggy, unable to descern his surroundings. He was quite dehydrated, and had a little case of cotton mouth. He remembered vague things about the night before, a shadowy figure and then a blinding light. He woke to the underdeck of a prison ship, with Jiub by his side. If only he knew how far his companion in this little leg of his journey would go. Jiub asked Tyson his name, and he obliged.

Soon a prison guard walked toward Tyson, a small little frown on his face. The guard instructed Tyson to follow him to the deck. Tyson did as he was told. The light from the sun on the oddly clear day in Vvardenfell made Tyson squint his eyes, not used to the warm yet caustic air of the place. He left the boat, on to the dock. He was greeted by a guard, and told to enter the only door he could go to, the immigration office. He submitted his papers to his immigration officer, and made his way to Seyda Neen.

There was a small inquisitive elf who asked Tyson if he had found a ring that was special to him. Tyson, who through the magic of having had played this game before, had picked up the ring during his brief time outside of the immigration office, and gave the ring to the elf. Wanting to get to grips with what this little port town had to offer, Tyson made his way to the Tradehouse, looking to get some equipment for the long journey ahead, as he was given orders to travel to Balmora to meet an inquisitive Imperial by the name of Caius Cosades. He entered the oddly-laid out store, looking for the shop keep. He eventually found them, and talked to Arrille to hopefully aquire some bare-bones armor and weapons. During the trade, Arrille told Tyson of a Nord’s money troubles. Always willing to help a brother in need, Mike made his way to Hrisskar Flat-Foot in the bar in Arrille’s Tradehouse.

Hrisskar was an odd fellow, and in a pinch. Appearantly Hrisskar was particularly gifted in the fine art of losing at the poker table. Luckily Hrisskar had planned a scheme to simply take money from the town fool to make up for his losses. The target for this blatant theft was the elf Tyson had talked to earlier, Fargoth. With a devilish grin, Tyson agreed to lighten the pockets of the poor elf.

Tyson gazed over the town of Seyda Neen from the lighthouse to the town’s northwest. As day turned to night, he kept a watchful eye over the town and particularly Fargoth, who seemed to take a liking to walking in a particular part of the town that was difficult to see from the lighthouse. Luckily, at around midnight, Tyson saw Fargoth head to a tree stump in the swamp in the middle of town, inbetween the business district and the slums. Having gathered the information Hrisskar needed, Tyson made his way to the stump and pilfered the gold and that ring he had given Fargoth earlier. Tyson was tired at this point, so made sure to stop at the inn for a good night’s sleep after pilfering the wealth of a poor elf.

Hrisskar was quite surprised to see Tyson return, he had figured the boxer had pilfered the money and left. Tyson had a debt due though, so made sure to give Hrisskar his due gold. After this little quest, Tyson reckoned it was time to take the trek to Balmora. Luckily, nothing too interesting happened on the way, just some basic monster fighting which was easily handled by the cannons Mike had for fists.

Upon reaching Balmora, Tyson absorbed the beauty of the city, in all it’s weird Morrowind glory. After this, Tyson checked his journal to see who he had to meet, and found his way to Caius Cosades’ house. Upon talking to the man, it appeared that he was just a common drunkard. Upon giving Caius a letter though, he dropped the act and started to tell Tyson that he needed to train if he were to join the Blades. So, Caius told Tyson to go and adventure for a little while, then come back when the boxer thought it appropriate. Tyson tried just leaving the house and returning a second later, but unfortunately Caius was way too coy for that action. Dejected, heartbroken, Tyson made his way to the Balmora Fighter’s Guild for some questing. He was given the job of killing three rats for a local. These rats turned out to be quite the difficult fight, despite the literal freight trains Tyson called fists. Nonetheless, the rats were dead and Tyson collected his money.

Tyson then returned to Caius and Caius said to go back to the Fighter’s Guild and speak to Hasphat Antabolis to gain more knowledge on the Nerevarine. Tyson did as he was told, and was then sub-quested to go to Arkngthand to find a little box. After gaining this knowledge, Tyson made his way to the Dwarven ruin, swatting away cliff racers and the odd bandit on his way. Upon reaching the ruin, Tyson had a little bit of an issue getting the damn thing to open. The little crank you have to turn is quite annoying to get right, you have to be right on the money. Anyway, upon entering the ruin, since Tyson had not played up until this point, he made his way all through the dungeon, even past that level 30-ish door until he gave up and read a wiki page. Tyson returned to Balmora with the cube in hand, ready to return the quest.

This is where I left it off for today. I really only got up to the last paragraph today, but I just wanted to include the first bit for people who might not have played Morrowind before.